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Serial Codes Generator and Validator Premium

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HowTo Redirects and Webhooks

We have two options for calling URLs

1. Redirects

2. Webhooks


You can enter the URL as an absolute (e.g. https://vollstart.de/) or relative (e.g. /page/) URI. This redirect URL will be executed on the frontend. If you do not enter a button label, then the user will be redirected to the URL immediately if the code is valid. If you enter a button label, the user need to click on the button to be forwarded.


You can enter URLs for the different validation steps that will be called from your server (your WordPress server is calling the URL). This allows you to inform other server (system), when the validation step is performed.


How to build an URL for a webhook call?

We offer 4 placeholder: {CODE}, {CODEDISPLAY}, {IP}, {LIST}
Please be aware that the placeholders are case sensitive. The easiest way is to copy & paste the placeholder with the brackets into your URL.


Display-Code: NYA-ZER-TER
Name of the list the code is assigned to: myList
IP of the user:

The webhook example URL:


will be translated by the plugin into:
and then the URL will be called by your wordpress server.

On option 1 (Redirect), the browser will go to

On option 2 (Webhook), your server will call the URL in the background

Display registered information to a code

IP block against brute force attacks

One Time Codes

User can register them self to a code

Basic overview


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